BM Express Tracking – Trace & Check the Delivery Status

BM Express was launched back in 1990 for the delivery of parcels and money. The major target of the company was to ease the lives of Filipinos living in Australia. But the company has boomed with time and is now operating in multiple countries, including Singapore, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. In this guide, we will be talking about BM Express tracking and guide you about every ins and outs of this company.

BM Express Tracking Services

BM Express has become a versatile company, offering services in different ways. As said earlier, the company was launched for the delivery of money from one place to another, but its services have expanded. Not only money, you can also send your parcels, logistics, and cargo that need special efforts to ship. 

For shipping, the company offers multiple modes of transportation, including air freight, sea freight, and door-to-door parcel deliveries. No matter from which part of Australia, Singapore, the UK, UAE, or Japan you send your parcels, the company will ship your product to the address you mention. 

Although their delivery timing varies with the mode of transportation. Air transportation is very quick – ensuring that your parcels will reach their destination in a day or two. In contrast, sea freight is very timing consuming transportation method that usually takes a month or half a month to ship the product.

But one thing which is good about the company is their pricing. They offer market competitive pricing and ensure that Filipinos working abroad will get the most affordable pricing. The company respects the efforts of overseas Filipinos.

What can you ship through BM Express Tracking?

From parcels to food items, you can ship almost everything. In fact, the company is also providing services to ship the balikbayan boxes containing non-commercial items. The food products can also be shipped from other countries to the Philippines. 

One thing is that a company is operating in many countries, which have their own rules for shipping products. BM Express Company follows the rules of those companies. Anything that is prohibited from shipping will not be shipped.

BM Express Tracking: Head Office and Branches

The company has its head office in Manila, Philippines. In fact, they also have a call center in the office in Manila. However, the branches are spread to all those countries where BM Express operates. They also have a headquarter in Australia and its address is as follows.

4 Wiltshire St, Minto, NSW 2566, Australia.

If you want to book your number, then call the officials at the following contact details.

Phone: +61 455 224 888


No matter where you send your logistics, the company will ship them to the main office in Manila. Then your packages will be sent for door-to-door delivery. BM Express Tracking has many branches whose names are listed below.

  • BM Express Japan
  • BM Express Australia
  • BM Express Singapore
  • BM Express New Zealand
  • BM Express, United Kingdom
  • BM Express, United Arab Emirates

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BM Express contact number in the Philippines?

You can contact BM Express Philippines at this number +63 919 864 8853. Apart from that, you can also mail them to

What is BM Express Australia’s contact number?

To contact BM Express Australia, call these numbers +61 455 224 888, 1-300-724-491

How do I track my BM cargo?

By using the Tracking ID provided by BM Express company, you can know all the details of your cargo and logistics. 

Final Words – BM Express Tracking

The company offers online tracking of your parcel’s delivery status. No matter where you are, with the help of tracking ID, you can check the online tracking status of your logistics. When you place an order on the website, then the officials send you a tracking ID to get details about the package’s delivery. You can put that tracking ID in the above bar for all the details.

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