Georgian Post Tracking – Check the delivery Status of your Parcels

Georgian post is one of the oldest post-sending and tracking services operating for centuries. Initially, they used to just ship letter from one city to another as there were no phones and the only mode of contact was letters. The company got a good reputation from day one as it had literally no competitors at all. In this guide, we will be talking about Georgian post tracking and let you know whether you should use the services or not.

Introduction of Georgian Post Office

The Georgian post office was launched back in 1874. At that time, sending letters was considered the only source of contact, and people used to send their letters frequently to stay in contact with their loved ones. In those times, the Georgian post proved to be God’s blessing it was quick, efficient, and saves time in shipping the letters to the destination. 

In 1913, the company had about 108 post offices in Georgia and they were all functional. The reason for having so much center was the bulk work as there was a burden of sending the postal but the branches and staff were in lesser numbers. The grown post office helped to meet the demand of customers.

With time, technology prevailed and people stopped sending letters and using post offices. So, the company has shifted its direction towards shipping the couriers, parcels, and logistics from one country to another country and its scope has never been down. 

Services of Georgian Post Tracking

As said earlier, the company was made for the shipping of postcards and letters. But now, they also work in the courier and parcel delivery industry as well. People around Georgia can now send and receive their couriers, parcels, and deliveries from any part to any other part of Georgia. The company ships the following stuff

  • Postcards
  • Letters
  • M bag
  • Small packages.

Note: Both domestics and International shipping services are available at the Georgian post office.

More importantly, Georgia post tracking also offers door-to-door services which means that the company will ship your parcels at the doorstep and you won’t have to be worried about picking up your deliveries from the post office. 

Area of Coverage

Initially, the company was only operating in Georgia but now things have changed. They have started serving the other nations as well. Here the list of countries where the Georgian Post tracking works

  • France
  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • Russian Federation
  • United States of America

Working Hours of Georgian Post Office

The company remains functional from Monday to Saturday. But Sunday is off and no business activities happen on Sunday. However their office timing is as follows

From Monday to Friday

Opening Time: 09:00 

Closing Time: 19:00


On Saturday

Opening Time: 10:00

Closing Time: 16:00

During this office hour, you can visit and get all the information you need about the Georgia post office, and its tracking, and shipping process.

Contact Details

If you have any kind of question in your mind, then you can contact the company’s officials through the following details


Phone: +995 (32) 224 09 09

If you are facing any issue or want to submit your complaint then you are requested to submit your complaints. The upper team will work best to solve your problem.

Track your Parcels, Couriers through Georgian Post Tracking

When you book your number and ask the company to ship your parcels, then they send you a tracking number or Id. This ID is used for knowing the exact delivery status of your parcels. You can even use that tracking ID on our website to get all the details about your packages. Fill the tracking bar shown on the upper part of this webpage. 

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