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Jades cargo tracking company in operating in the Philippines for the last 34 years and their services has made tracking and shipping of easier than ever before. The struggle of shipping to those areas which are not approachable easily is quite amazing. No courier company in the Philippines offers shipping throughout the country due to many restrictions. But Jades has uplifted the standard of shipping nationwide. In this guide, we will talk about Jades cargo tracking and let you know how good it is!

Services of Jades Cargo Tracking Company

Jades Cargo Services Inc. Philippines is only providing its services in the Philippines. But their dedication and passion for shipping the logistics on time made them very famous. Here are some of the services offered by Jades Tracking.

  • Air freight

The company is dedicated to making its turnaround very quick. The competition in the cargo industry is getting hotter and hotter. So, those companies which will ship the products on time will win the heart of clients. So, Jades cargo tracking realizes the importance of time and uses the air freight mode of transportation for quick delivery of logistics. Although it is a bit expensive way of shipping. 

  • Land Freight

From one end to the other end of the Philippines, the company has many workers, teams, and networks to make shipping possible. They have outstanding land structures to make the shipments easy. Moreover, they use trucks and other containers for land fright. 

  • Door-to-Door Services

You won’t have to leave your logistics at the office of Jades Cargo Tracking Company. Instead, the company will send its team to pick up your logistics from the doorstep of your house. Make sure to call the company’s officials to book your number for pickup services. 

Working hours of Jades Cargo Services, Inc. in the Philippines

The company will remain open from Monday to Friday. The staff come on duty at 08:00 am and leave for their houses at 05:00 pm. You can visit anytime during the office hours mentioned above.

Pricing & Charges

The company has a wide network throughout the Philippines, and it is quite easy for them to ship your logistics. They won’t have to send a special team for your specific parcels and couriers. Their team is active in all the big cities in the Philippines. So, their pricing is quite affordable. As compared to competitors, they are offering very low prices.

Jades Cargo Services Inc. Philippines Customer Care

If you have any issue related to the services of Jades cargo tracking company then you are requested to call customer care immediately. They have a very responsive support team that will solve your issue in no time. 

Phone: +63 2 8256 2556

Email: jades.cebu@gmail.com

The exact address of their head office is also given below. If you are from the Philippines, make sure to visit the official office to get all the latest information about their services.

350 Nepa Street, 1013 Tondo, Philippines.    

The branches are opened in almost all the big cities of Philipines like Manilia, Surigao, Roxas City, Palawan, Kalibo, Davao etc.

Track your cargo, logistics, and couriers.

The company provides a tracking ID when you place an order on their official website. Customers can use that tracking ID to track the exact delivery status of their shipments and cargo. If you have logistics in the shipping process, then make sure to use the tracking bar shown at the upper end of this webpage.

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