Latam Cargo Tracking – Check the Delivery status of your Cargo

Previously known as Lan cargo, Latam Cargo is one of the oldest logistics airlines that transport goods from Chil to different parts of America. The services are spread all over Latin America like Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Not only in Latin America, but the company also covers the whole of South America, North America, and Europe. In this guide, we will be talking about Latam cargo tracking.

The company has a complete network of airlines to ensure the timely transportation of cargo from one country to another. Their main hub is in Miami international airport which is a temperature-controlled and well-organized platform for shipping cargo. 

The company is considered one of the most reliable in terms of commitments. Having networks and contracts with many airlines make them able to meet deadlines.

LATAM cargo tracking has near about 320 aircraft bellies and almost 11 freighters which indicates that the company has spread the business to the next level.

You can imagine their progress by the fact that Latam cargo tracking has received CEIIV pharma certification from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The company has also offices in Florida. But, its services are spread throughout the south and north America. If you want to use the services then you will have to visit the official website to book your number. Once you have booked your number, the company will call you in order to get the details of your logistics. 

As long as pricing is concerned, LATAM cargo tracking company is affordable – not very expensive to be used. You find their prices in line with the market pricing.

Contact Details

If you have any sort of question-related to LATAM cargo tracking, then you’re requested the call the official numbers which are mentioned below


+ 54 114480 7755


+56 2 2566 9081


(51) (1) 5742132




 +59 3 2 4001740 EXT 2148


+52 55 57 868210


+ 55 19 2138 4400


 + 49 69 69 808270


+1 305 874 2l688

If you’re unable to make a connection through these contact numbers then leave an email at the following email address

E-mail Address:


IATA Designator – 3 Gigit Code

International Air Transport Association provides a designator three-digit code which is different for every country. The LATAM cargo tracking company also has that code which is shown below

LATAM Airlines Argentina 

 4M – 469

LATAM Airlines Brasil 

JJ – 957

LATAM Airlines Colombia 

4C – 35

LATAM Airlines Ecuador 

 XL – 462

LATAM Airlines Group

 LA – 45

LATAM Airlines Paraguay

 PZ – 692

LATAM Airlines Peru

 LP – 544

LATAM Cargo Brasil 

M3 – 549

LATAM Cargo Chile 

UC – 145

LATAM Cargo Mexico 

 M7 – 865

Check the Tracking Status of your logistics

The company provides a tracking ID that helps you to know the exact delivery status of your cargo and logistics sent through the Latam cargo tracking company. However, by putting the tracking ID in the tracking bar shown on the upper end of this webpage, you will get all the basic information about the shipping details.

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