Metrobox Tracking – Check the Delivery status of your Logisics Now

The Metrobox tracking company is owned by Egay Tajonera and his wife, Mabelle Perez-Tajonera to ease the lives of people living in California due to their work. The shipping of logistics from California to the Philippines has been made very quick, efficient, and cost-effective. In this guide, we will be discussing Metrobox tracking and how good this company is!

Introduction of Metrobox Shipping and Tracking Company

Unlike other tracking companies, Metrobox has a different history. The founder, Egay Tajonera, started the company with no employees. He used to ship the product on his own. Not only shipping, but door-to-door service was also available when only the owner and founder used to ship. After some financial freedom, the founder recruited employees and made the company a brand for Filipinos, shipping products from California to the Philippines. 

The founder, along with his wife, has uplifted the standard. The services are very specific, and the coverage area is also very specific. The customer can only use Metrobox tracking for shipping logistics from California to the Philippines and vice versa.

Services of Metrobox Tracking

The following services are available at Metrobox along with door-to-door pick and drop.

  • SEA Cargo Balikbayan boxes
  • Loose Cargo Shipments
  • Returning Residents and Container Shipments

1- SEA Cargo Balikbayan Boxes

The Filipinos living in California cab send their logistics, cargo, and Balikbayan boxes through the SEA cargo transportation methodology of metrobox tracking. Although Sea cargo is slow and logistics take more time to be shipped to the destination, it is a cost-effective method.

2- Loose Cargo Shipments

Not only couriers and parcels, but overseas Filipinos can also send their loose cargo like electronics, appliances, refrigerators, washers, dryers air conditioners, furniture, and other such products that are sensitive to handle. The company claims that it will ship the product with 100% safety assurance.

3- Returning Resident and Container Shipments

There are many people from the Philippines that work in the United States, especially in California. After retirement, many workers shift back to the Philippines. So, metrobox tracking company will help you shift your belongings to the Philippines. Retired officers won’t have to carry their luggage with them while traveling from California to home. The company will handle all the shipping processes. From small parcels to big containers, Metrobox ensures shipping with ease.

Working hours

The Metrobox Freight Forwarding Company works only 5 days a week. From Monday to Friday, you can call the office for your booking or get information about the services.

Their office time is from 08:30 am to 05:30 pm. All the deals are done in this office time. No customer support team will be available after office hours.

Head Office and Contact Details

The company is based in California, but it solely works for overseas Filipinos. The head office is located at the following address in the United States

29450 Union City Blvd. Union City CA 94587

However, if you’re in the Philippines, then you can visit their office, which is located in Quezon City. The exact address is as follows

685 Tandang Sora Ave. Bldg #17 Tandang Sora. Quezon City

Are you living away from the offices of the Metrobox box tracking company? Here are the contact details. You can connect anytime and your queries will be heard.

Phone: 510-293-0167/510-293-0168


Track your logistics.

If you have chosen Metrobox tracking for your logistics shipping, then the company will provide you with a unique tracking ID to know the delivery status of your package. You can put the tracking ID in the above tracking bar to extract all the data about your package.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track my Metrobox package?

Visit the official website of the company and click on the tracking button. Moreover, you can also track your logistics through our website just with the help of a tracking ID.

How many months balikbayan box will receive?

Usually, it takes about three months for the balikbayan box to reach its destination. The company takes responsibility for the complete shipping process.

Can I send perfume in a balikbayan box?

Yes, you can send your perfumes and other stuff in balikbayan boxes.

What are the working hours of the Metrobox tracking company?

The company will remain functional from Monday to Friday. The office time is 08:30 am to 05:30 pm.

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