Prestige Flower Tracking – Trace & Know Status of your Order Now

Prestige Flowers is an online store based in the UK that specializes in selling flowers online. Not only selling, but the store has a complete network around the globe to ensure the delivery of flowers. In this article, we will be talking about the Prestige flower tracking store and let you know how you can track your order of flowers placed on the Prestige flower store.

Introduction of Prestige Flower Tracking Store

The prestige flower tracking company was launched in 2011 by Simon Crowther and James Miskell. Initially, it was not an easy task for them to import and sell flowers. But, as time passed, they learned and grew rapidly. Now, they are considered the most trustworthy and reliable flower selling point all over the world.

The Services of Prestige Flower Tracking Company

The Prestige flower tracking company sells all kinds of flowers for different occasions. It’s all about the choice of customers. When you call them and place an order, they immediately ship your product. Suppose you order a type of flower that they don’t have at that time, then they immediately import it from another country to fulfill the order. They have the best transportation network in the world to ensure the sending and receiving of flowers. 

From artificial decorative flowers to fresh roses, they ship almost everything. Once you place an order, they will guide you about the timeframe that your order will take to complete. The pricing mostly depends on the availability of flowers in the store. If you demand something which they don’t have and have to import from another country, the pricing will be high due to the import expense.

The company mainly imports flowers from the Netherlands, Africa, Ecuador, and South America. This import is not easy due to the tax implemented by the government. The store then sells them to the whole world at reasonable prices. Most of the business comes from the United Kingdom, Canada, and Finland. However, they are committed to shipping the flowers all over the world. 

Charity Work of Prestige Flowers tracking

The company is also involved in a lot of charity work. Almost 25% of the annual profit of Prestige Flower Store goes to charity organizations. It indicates that your shopping from the Prestige flower store will help the needy and poor who are looking for help.

Head Office and Contact Details

The headquarters of the prestige flower tracking store is based in the United Kingdom. Here is the exact address

Dean Clough Mills, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX3 5AX

If you’re from the UK, you can visit the official office anytime to get complete details. But if you’re not from the UK, you are requested to call the officials through the following contact details.

Email of officials:

Customer Service:

If you have any issues while using their official website, then you would like to talk to their technical department. Their contact details are as follows

Technical Support:

Track your Prestige Flower order.

They also offer tracking facilities for customers. When you place an order on their official website, then the company provides you with a tracking ID, which is used for tracking and tracing your shipments. In the event of a delay, the reason for the delay will be shown on the tracking details. You can put the tracking ID in the tracking bar displayed on the upper end of this webpage to know the exact delivery status of your shipment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track my prestige order?

Yes, you can track your Prestige order through the official website. When you place an order, they send you a confirmation email containing the tracking ID of your order. Using that tracking ID, you can check the delivery status.

Do Prestige Flowers deliver on a Sunday?

The company is committed to providing 24/7 service. So, they will send your order on Sunday too. The deliveries are not sent when there is a bank holiday. 

Where is Prestige Flowers based?

Prestige Flowers is based in the United Kingdom and its services are used all over the world. It is considered a reliable name in the flowering industry.

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