World Pak Couriers Tracking – Track & Trace Your Couriers

World Pak courier tracking company is based in India and is providing couriers, parcels, and logistics transportation to all over India. In fact, their services have spread to many other countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, etc. They have made impressive progress and are looking to improve further in the industry. Today, we will be covering all the details about World Pak courier tracking.

Services World Pak courier tracking company

Majorly, the company offers services of courier shipping and tracking. In fact, the owner launched it for courier deliveries but with time, they have made progress. They are now sending and receiving couriers, parcels, and large-sized logistics from one place to another. 

  • You can send your couriers, documents, and any type of logistics to any country in the world. The shipping fees vary from country to country. 
  • You can also import your logistics from any other country to India and the company will ship the products to your doorstep.
  • If you are from India and want to send your courier to any other city in India then you will have to call the company’s officials and the company will ship your logistics through domestic couriers.
  • World Pak Courier Tracking Company also provides COD (Cash on Delivery) services to many e-commerce stores and earns a good profit. There are many businesses in India that offer home delivery with the COD method. The company has signed a contract with them and delivered their orders.

Mode of Transportation

The company has multiple modes of transportation which make them able to meet its deadlines. From air to ocean, the company uses all the means to ship the logistics on time. 

  • They used an air freight system for international clients, which makes the delivery very quick and their turnaround period is just 2 to 3 working days. 
  • For domestic shipments, they use trains and roads as their mode of transportation. If you want your packages to be delivered quickly then pay more to ship your logistics through trains. 
  • For international shipping, they also use the ocean as their transportation method. If you send your logistics through the ocean freight system, the company will charge you less but the shipping time will increase.

Area of Coverage

No matter in which part of India you live, you can use the services of the World Pak courier tracking company. Apart from domestic services, the company also provides services internationally. The sending and receiving of goods globally have become very easy. Here are some country where corporation works actively

  1. Dubai
  2. China
  3. Taiwan
  4. Singapore
  5. Hong kong
  6. United States
  7. United Kingdom

Head Office and Contact Details

The company is based in India and the head office is located in Ahmedabad. The exact address of their head office is as follows

703, vanijya bhavan,

opp diwan ballubhai

school kankaria ahmedabad – 380022

But if you’re not from Ahmedabad, then you can contact the company’s officials for details. Here are the contact details


Phone: 079- 65241385,+91-8000922006

Track your couriers and logistics through Tracking

The company provides a tracking ID when you place an order on the official website or by contacting the officials through the contact details mentioned above. By using that tracking ID, you can check the delivery status of your courier, parcels, and logistics.

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