Xpeed Logistics Tracking – Check Details of your Logistics

Functional since 1994, the Xpeed logistics company has made a good name in the Indian industry for both domestic and international cargo shipments. Their fast and cost-effective shipping methods have made lives easier for Indians who are living away from their country. Their annual progress of 25 t 30% indicates the quality and standard of services they provide. In this guide, we will talk about the Xpeed logistics tracking company and let you know the ins and outs of this corporation.

Shipping is quick and efficient.

The company claims to be the fastest and industry-leading logistics transportation brand. They are almost all the way to shipping the cargo. If one way flops, the next is ready to ensure timely delivery: making sure that nothing goes against the interests of customers. 

1- Redeye Flights

The company has partnerships with many airlines in India. Their efforts to ensure the shipping of logistics is fast are remarkable. They have red-eye flights which depart from the airport at night and return the next day. Suppose you place an order and leave your logistics at their warehouse for international shipments, then the company will immediately start the processing and ship the logistics the next day.

2-Bus Transportation of Xpeed Logistics Tracking

Xpeed logistics tracking and transportation company has many buses and trucks which provide domestic shipping facilities. They also provide door-to-door service to domestic clients, which means that clients won’t have to leave their logistics at a warehouse or at the office of Xpeed company.

3- Trains Transportation

Xpeed logistics tracking company has signed contracts with railway trains to provide shipping facilities to people who are living very far away where buses and trucks stake too much time. Their contract with train indicates that the company is committed to providing fast, quick and reliable service for transportation of logistics.

Warehouse facility at Xpeed Tracking platform

Many e-commerce stores face the problem of the storage of their products. The Xpeed tracking company has warehouse facilities so that e-commerce stores and other clients can use those warehouses for safe storage. They have 31 warehouses that are functional right now.

Online Booking of Xpeed Logistics Tracking & Transportation Corporation

No company in India offers online booking for the transportation of logistics. But the Xpeed tracking corporation offers online booking from the comfort of your couch. All you have to do is to visit the official website and provide all the data about yourself and the package that needs to be shipped. After providing the information, the company will email you with further instructions.

Head office of Xpeed Logistics Company.

The company is based in India, but its services are spread worldwide. The head office is located in New Dehli, India. The exact address of the office is as follows.

Mituj House, Westend Greens, Mahipalpur Extn, New Delhi-37

If you have any questions or want to get any help from the support team or officials, then contact them on the following details.

Phone: +91-8287957476

Email: contact@xpeed.in

Xpeed Logistics Tracking Customer Care Number

If you have chosen the company for the shipping of your logistics, then you will need the Xpeed logistics tracking customer care number, which is given below.

Customer Care Number: 011 – 41077802/03/04

Track your logistics through Xpeed Tracking Company.

The company provides a docket number or tracking number which can be used for getting details and the delivery status of your logistics. You can also track your logistics and cargo by filling the above tracking bar with your docket number.

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